House Concerts



Why A House Concert?

  • An intimate setting for all to enjoy and greatly connect with the artist and his original music.
  • A relaxed atmosphere without large crowds.
  • You’ll know someone there. The host invites friends and neighbors.
  • A smoke-free, pet-free adult setting for maximum concert enjoyment.
  • It can be held practically anywhere – a living room, garage, back yard, basement, etc.
  • As a host, you are thanked and respected for providing the venue and creating a sense of community with your guests.

House concerts are growing in popularity across the country.  They have provided a creative avenue for new artists to showcase their original music to audiences that are interested in upcoming singer/songwriters.

Here are the basics for Hosting a successful House Concert:

  • You (the host) provide a space with seating for 20 to 40+ people.
  • Invite friends and neighbors who you know would enjoy great entertainment.
  • Have a meet and greet with your guests and the artist prior to the performance.
  • Enjoy a 60+ minute great concert of original Jeffrey Bowen music!
  • Guests are asked by the host to donate money in the amount of their choice (in lieu of an admission price).
  • CDs and merchandise will be available for sale immediately following the performance.
  • Revel in the fact that you have become their most awesome friend and neighbor because you hosted the best evening they’ve had in a long time!


If you or someone you know would be interested in hosting a house concert with Jeffrey Bowen, please email

Click below for a House Concert Guide with detailed information!

House Concert Guide – Jeffrey Bowen

Thank you for your interest in Jeffrey Bowen and hosting a House Concert!